Pure Whiskers

Natures cat litter, supremely absorbent
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Organic & Sustainable

The most responsible choice for cat litter. Our product is sustainably sourced from a renewable resource. A completely organic product which is grown from nature and used when your loved one needs there call of nature. 

Superior Comfort

Inside you will find the most absorbent cat litter which absorbs any and all spills and solids. Pure Whiskers is also incredibly gentle on your cats paws. 

Once you move onto Pure Whiskers your cat will be demanding it moving forward, it's natures answer to a natural problem. 

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Meet The Team
Rupert Ralston
Sales Director
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Telephone: 0800 4337 037

Jerome Bray
Sales Associate
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Telephone: 0800 4337 037


Packed in a specially designed 3kg doy-pack to appeal to consumer we have spared no expense to make this the premium cat litter available in the United Kingom. 

  • 5 Litres Volume per Bag

  • MOQ 6 BAGS in a 20kg Box

  • Delivery throughout the UK

  • Full pallets and FCL available

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